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About us

Tideline Outfitters is a coastal inspired lifestyle brand developed to supply innovative and original products to outdoor enthusiasts, anglers, hunters and those who simply just enjoy being in the great outdoors.

 The first time you visit the Lowcountry, you’ll notice the pace of life is different, with priorities that value quality of life over the hustle and bustle of everyday America. It’s not uncommon to hit the creek to try that secret fishing spot before work or before heading out to dinner and how else would you want to end a great day than with a sunset cruise along the many pristine creeks and waterways with family and friends.

Growing up in Charleston SC, we had ample opportunity to embrace the incomparable activities this region had to offer. Because this way of life is centered on the water, we wanted to capture an image that would truly represent the lifestyle of the coastal waterman.

We searched for an easily recognizable coastal pattern and what better represented the region than the oyster. Our logo, the American Oystercatcher, practically selected itself.

Our goal was to create unique, functional products that represent the traditions and coastal lifestyle so that each time you wear it,  you’ll feel like you are home.

OYSTAFLAGE - Not Just Another Camo, It’s a Lifestyle.





All prints and designs used in Tideline Outfitters products are the intellectual property of The Key Group and are protected by United States copyright and patent laws. Any attempts to reproduce these prints will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.